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10 Latest Stylish Recent Post Widgets Design for Blogger
Recent posts widget is a widget which shows a collection of the recently published articles in a blog sidebar. We can add this widget in the different types such as recent posts widget with thumbnails, simple, and gallery etc.

This widget has many benefits for a blog but this is especially helping your blog regular readers and they can easily find the latest posts on your blog. It will also help to increase blog page views and visitors will spend more time on your blog as well as it helps to reduce the blog’s bounce rate.

As we know the bounce rate is an important factor of Blog SEO. This widget is not available in blogger by default so you need to add through the third party coding as we have provided in this post but every blogger doesn’t know the programming languages like CSS, HTML, JavaScript but good news for those guys! In this post, I am going to share a collection of recent posts widgets and you don’t need to do or write any kind of coding.

10 Stylish Recent Post Widgets For Blogspot

So here we go, As i have prepared a list of recent posts widgets for blogspot you can choose the one which will look similar to your blogger template and works best for you. There are recent post widgets with thumbnails, numbers, multi colors and much more. Take a look at the list and choose the best one for you. Good Luck!

1. Recent Posts With Page Navigation

Page Nevigation Recent Posts Widget For Blogspot

Its an amazing widget with a beautiful design. It will display the latest post with image thumbnails in your blog’s sidebar. I suggest you to install the widget on your blogger blog because it will allow visitors to see the wide list of latest posts with the help of its page navigation and also has responsive and SEO friendly design.

2. Slider Recent Post

Slider Recent Posts Widget For Blogspot

This is a very cool and stylish widget which will increase your blog look. This widget will collect your latest posts and it will show as a slideshow. Which will attract the visitor’s attention and you will notice the increasing your blog page views dramatically. For better results, I will suggest you to install this widget just below the header.

3. Gallery Recent Post

Gallery Recent Posts Widget For Blogspot

Do you want to create a gallery in your blog? Then install the Gallery widget, which will create a beautiful gallery in your blog sidebar from recently published posts with attractive CSS effects. With the help of this you can get the visitors attention and your blog will get more page views.

4. Recent Posts Without Thumbnails

Recent Posts Widget Without Image Thumbnail For Blogspot

The above all widgets will display image thumbnails. Which will increase the load time of your blog. If you don’t want to make your blog too heavy then install this one. This a simple widget which only displays the latest article titles only and this will increase your blog speed.

5. Recent Posts Widget By Label

The above all widgets show all the latest posts in the blog. If you want to display the particular label posts in your blog sidebar then add the Label Recent Posts.

6- Colorful Latest Posts Widget

Colorful Recent Posts Widget with Image Thumbnail For Blogspot

If you like to add a colorful latest posts widget, then install this one on your blog. This is an amazing widget which will show a collection of the recent posts in your blog sidebar with beautiful five different colors, which will attract the visitor’s attention.

7- Multi Color Stylish Widget

Rainbow Color Recent Posts Widget For Blogspot

Its a beautiful blogger widget for recent posts with its great rainbow colors. It attracts the visitors of your blog to look at this amazing colorful widget so can get more clicks and more page views with will decrease your bounce rate and it will be a better sign for your blog.

8- Numbered With Thumbnail Latest Posts

Numbered with Image Thumbnail Recent Posts Widget For Blogspot

So here we come with a numbered widget also having image thumbnails. It is a simple and professional looking recent post widget. This widget will match will mostly all the blogger templates so it will be a better choice to check this out.

9- Latest Stylish Posts

Stylish Recent Posts Widget For Blogspot

It is an animated recent posts widget which is a great designing and amazing looking widget for your latest blog posts. It contains numbers on the left side and thumbnails on the right side. The text of this is also fancy and stylish.

10- Simple Numbered

Simple Recent Posts Widget with Numbers For Blogspot

If you still are looking for a simple posts widget then this will work as the best for you. Its very simple with beautiful numbering. Widgets without images are good for your blog because it will increase your blog page speed.

How To Add Recent Post Widget In Blogger Blog

  1. First of all, choose your favorite widget from above then click on view code button and copy all codes from the appearing pop-up window.
  2. Login your blogger account
  3. Go layout and add new gadget
  4. Select HTML/JavaScript and paste all code here.
  5. Save the gadget


You have to make some changes in the codes follow the below steps to make the changes that you need to do in the HTML codes of these widgets.
  • "blogURL" Replace with your blog URL
  • "var numPosts" Fill with the number of articles you want to display
  • "var showpostthumbnail" Select true if you want image thumbnail and false to eliminate
  • "var showpostdate" Select true if you want show date and false to eliminate
  • "bloggertips" Please replace with the desired label, when more than two words to use % instead of spaces (only for widget # 5)

I hope that all the above widgets will be working fine on your blog. These all widgets are tested and I also have provided its demo screenshots which means that all are working properly. However, you are facing any problem about the above recent posts widget for blogger then leave your comment below so we can help you fix it.

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Monday, 12 March 2018

70+ Dofollow High PR Article Submission Sites List of 2018
Content marketing has become one of the most powerful component of Online Marketing. If you are looking to promote your content or articles in order to generate traffic to your website with High PR Dofollow Article Submission Sites then this is the perfect place that you have landed on because in this post i have provided a top list of Article Directories to build quality backlinks to your blog and website.

70+ Dofollow High PR Article Submission Sites List for SEO Backlinks 2018

What are Article Directory/Submission Sites?

An article directory is a type of website where people write articles on the different subject and these sites allow to provide personal information about an author, including a link to the author’s website. This is a famous technique for link building and draw some massive traffic to your site or blog. Simply write 400 to 600 words of unique article according to your site niche and put your site URL in the author box with anchor text after directory admin review your article, it will be published if your content meet their criteria.

Also Read: Social Bookmarking Sites: 100+ Free High PR DoFollow Sites 2018

There are infinite article submission sites on the internet but select them very wisely because most of them use nofollow attribute and some sites have very low PageRank which is not an effective Search Engine Optimization point of view for your site. So, after a long search we have prepared below the list where we include only dofollow and high page rank article directory sites 2018 in the below list.

Advantages of Article Submission

  1. Article submission is one of the best method to optimize your website and rank higher in search engines. It is also a great way to generate quality backlinks to your website or blog.
  2. It is also a great idea for those people who want to make their business popular as there are a lot of users surfing the internet so they will read it and know well about your business.
  3. It will help you in generating a lot of traffic if you have a quality website with unique and fresh content.

DoFollow High PR Article Submission Sites list 2018 Article submission sites Page Rank Alexa Rank
1. 7 2682
2. 7 10,123
3. 6 1,652
4. 6 324,308
5. 6 337,465
6. 6 186,746
7. 6 259,655
8. 6 272
9. 6 63,602
10. 6 549
11. 6 7166
12. 6 731
13. 5 2484
14. 5 9,696
15. 5 61,025
16. 5 131
17. 5 3,954
18. 5 4,581
19. 5 56
20. 5 64
21. 5 5,058,928
22. 5 255,191
23. 5 62,093
24. 5 601,622
25. 5 14054
26. 5 13851
27. 5 11352
28. 5 38441
29. 5 102564
30. 4 7880
31. 4 14265
32. 4 5204
33. 4 11914
34. 4 6858
35. 4 12541
36. 4 9663
37. 4 15464
38. 4 21858
39. 4 15505
40. 4 15505
41. 4 17157
42. 4 26838
43. 4 603368
44. 4 8917
45. 4 22411
46. 4 25950
47. 4 78,233
48. 4 3,222,187
49. 4 188,784
50. 4 1,942,486
51. 4 1,542,226
52. 4 1,987,789
53. 4 1,714,074
54. 4 2,042,455
55. 4 2,211,956
56. 4 258,082
57. 4 354,125
58. 4 242,189
59. 4 16,665,473
60. 4 60,725
61. 3 393,971
62. 3 571,424
63. 3 588,856
64. 3 762,521
65. 3 872,101
66. 3 1,087,231
67. 3 832,370
68. 3 1,087,231
69. 3 2,434,877
70. 3 2,434,877
71. 3 575
72. 3 501
73. 3 280,744
74. 3 747,828
75. 3 184,287

You Suggestions are Valuable

I hope you may have liked our list of top article submission sites but there may be a lot more which may not be mentioned above. So if you have used any other and it worked great for you then must mention them in the comments.

Your suggestions are very valuable to us because all the content we create on this blog is to help all you guys to make your website better.


As i have told you before that the list of High PR Dofollow Article Submission Sites 2018 above will really help you improve your website SEO because the quality backlinks which you will generate for you site will help you rank high in search engine results.

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7 Essential On-Page SEO Techniques For Bloggers In 2018
SEO (Search engine optimization) is the essential thing to get traffic from search engines and it usually divides into two parts, which is known as Off-page and On-page.

Off-page SEO refers all the things What we do off for our site or blog, such as social media sharing, link building, social bookmarking etc.

On-page SEO is a practice which is use to optimize web pages to get high rankings and traffic. It refers to all the things which we do internally our site content and HTML source.

On-page SEO is a practice which is use to optimize web pages to get high rankings and traffic.

In this post, we will specially discuss the on-page SEO in 2018. In this part of SEO, we work on the target keyword to optimize for search engines and we want that keyword to get high rank in SERPs and we apply some of the techniques like optimization of the title, your meta description, placement of the keywords, writing unique quality content etc. These are the most important techniques to get massive traffic from search engines which are necessary for the establishment of a successful blog or website.

Top 7 on-page SEO techniques in 2018

I have provided some essential on-page techniques for bloggers to use in 2018, which is more important to increase your blog or website visibility in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. So below are all the important steps you need to take in order to get higher ranking in search engines.

1. Optimize Your Post Titles

Titles are a very important factor of Search Engine Optimization for your blog and it is the first thing which search engines will pull into their search results. So, It is important to make your post titles meaningful and interesting and use your main keyword in the title. A perfect title not only attracts the visitors but search engines also so you need to be careful in creating a title for your post.

2. Optimize Your Permalinks

Your post URL structure is also an essential factor in on-page SEO. You also need to make your post URLs search engine friendly. Use your target keywords in post URL instead of using the symbols, brackets, comma, and other special characters. If you want to separate words, use only dashes and try to make a perfect URL. For example, you are writing an article about ” Health Benefits of Apple” your article URL’s structure should be as below.

USE This:

Instead of using this:

3. Optimize Your Images

Using Images in your Blog can make your blog look beautiful but it is not only used for making a blog look pretty as it can also help you in increasing website traffic. Now it depends upon you, how you fully optimize your images properly. Below i have mentioned some tips to make your images search engine friendly.

Name and Title, Try to use your main keyword in the image name and separate the words by dashes.

For example, you are writing a post about “health benefits of apple” your image title should have such as “health-benefits-apple” instead of using the default image name.

Use ALT Tag, this tag tells about your images to search engines, so you should use ALT tags with your post images.

Compress Your Images, don’t use the large file images in your posts because it increases the site loading time which is harmful for the blog SEO. Use only compressed and smaller file size images in your blog which will make your blog load faster. You can easily compress your images with OptimiZilla or Toolur which i personally use for this blog.

You can learn more about How to Optimize Images for your Blog in our guide.

4. Use of Heading Tags.

Correctly use of heading tags is a truly important factor of SEO. While writing an article for your blog try to divide it into parts and make the use of headings to properly organize your content by the usage of h1, h2 and h3 . An H1 tag is used only for the post title and The H2 tag is used for the Title inside the post, The H3 tag is used if needed to organize the content of H2 in the post body but don’t use these so many time in a post as it looks like a negative SEO practice.

5. Meta Description

A short description of your post which usually appears in the search engine results below your post title is known as Meta Description. It helps the visitors to get a quick idea about your post and know what your web page is about. You should create a perfect Meta Description for your posts and try to use the focus keywords in it and the length of it should be upto 150 characters. A pretty Meta description can increase the CTR and can gain more traffic from search engines.

6. Keywords Density

Using your targeted keywords in post is very important but you also need to stay safe from keyword stuffing as using your keyword again and again will damage your SEO because Google is very strict to keyword stuffing and they usually penalize the keyword stuffing sites. So, keep your target keyword only up to 2-3% in your content.

7. Internal Linking

Including the internal links in your content is another recommended factor in on-page SEO. Google not only have an eye on your external links but it gives a lot of importance to your site internal links and this will improve your search engine rankings. On the other hand internal links will help your visitors to spend more time on your blog.

In the result, your blog page views will increase and it will automatically reduce the bounce rate. So, you should link internally to your related posts from your blog where ever it is needed.


As you have learnt all the above mentioned steps which are some essential factors to improve your on-page SEO. After you implement these things on your site, you will see a big change in the flow of your traffic as you will start receiving high traffic from search engines. If we helped you and you liked our post then don't forget to share this post in way to say thank you.

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6 Must Do SEO Tips For Any Blog To Rank Higher In Google
Well creating a blog and publishing articles is not a big deal, everyone can do that but when it comes on ranking blog post on first page of google and driving free organic traffic, then it becomes a major problem which every newbie blogger face. So, only writing content and not getting any traffic and users to interact with your epic blog post is surely not going to help you keep moving ahead with your blog. That's why you must have some good SEO knowledge to Search Engine Optimize your blog and apply optimization techniques to rank your blog post on first page of google. So keeping importance of traffic on blog progress, today I'll be sharing with you 6 must do killer SEO Tactics/Guides on how to rank your blog post higher in search engines that will surely work.

Well before starting this article let me inform you that to get high rank on google, don't only focus on SEO but along with that also give priority to the quality of contents for long lasting free organic traffic from search engines. You might know in blogging Content Is King and SEO is the Queen.

6 Killer SEO Guides To Rank My Blogger Post On First Page Of Google

OK below are some killer and effective ways that we are using on ProTechBlogger to rank our blogger blog post in search. Take each point very carefully and of course smartly too. So let's see how this thing works.

1- Writing Unique Content

As I've already told you that content plays a very important role to rank your blog post in search results, so you must try to write very unique and original content with proper planning. You should focus on proper use of keywords and systematic writing skills. Try to be smart and unique. Write content that will force everyone to read it twice. Only then you can rank your blog post on first page in search engines.

Wanna know how to write unique and SEO friendly content, stay tuned on ProTechBlogger as we'll be posting all SEO guides in upcoming weeks till that you can subscribe us to get informed.

2- Creating Hight PR Do Follow Backlinks

Everyone knows Backlinks are also very important for ranking your blog and its contents. The page with good Do Follow Backlinks is sure to be ranked higher compared to that with lesser backlinks. So, try to increase your blog backlinks only then it can work for you for ranking your blog higher in search engines.

But latest Google Panda update focus to rank site on the basis of high quality contents but still in some way do follow backlinks are the backbones for any site. There are also a lot more factors now which can help you in ranking your blog which includes your blog page speed, Mobile Friendliness and HTTPS for your blog.

3- Proper Use of Keywords

Yeah keywords are another factor that determines the page ranking on google. The post with proper use of keywords will surely help you get good search engine rankings. Try to keep your targeting keywords density low but be sure not to do Keyword Stuffing as it is negative SEO and badly hampers your blog rank.

Put your main keywords on Post title, about two or three on first paragraph (Long tail keywords), three or four on body content but it can be more too and about two on end of the post.

Doing such will also make your content easy for google to be indexed.

I highly recommend you all to learn about keyword research for proper use and implementation of Keywords. Always use long tail keywords and try not to run behind targeting generic keywords with high search volume because you'll hardly be able to outperform the first page results.

Long tail keywords account for around 70% of search engine traffic compared to generic keywords. If you're complete new to it then don't worry, we'll explain in upcoming articles. Till then just subscribe us by email as we'll be posting about it on our blog very soon.

4- Customization With Blogger Dashboard

Well if you are newbie then you are sure to be on blogger dashboard. Blogger is not as SEO friendly as WordPress. So you need to apply some SEO tips to rank your blog and its posts on first page of google which includes Blog Description, Blogger Sitemap and setting up Robots.txt and custom robot header tags. Apply below mentioned steps and I'm sure your blog will also get high rank on google first page.

A blog is said to be properly managed if it has got good description with some keywords. Write your blog description in such a way that it will shine about your content and blog. Always write sweet and short with your blog related description. Well take an example of how to choose a blog description to rank your blog on first page of google.

"ProTechBlogger is an information resource site for Entrepreneurs and bloggers where you can explore about blogging related topics like Blogging, SEO, Make Money, Social Media and Marketing."
To add your Blog Description, Go To Blogger DashBoard > Settings > Basics > Description. Just Add there your blog seo friendly description to get good and high google search rank.

You also need to edit your custom Robots.txt and header tags to get first rank of your blog post on google. Check below image and do same as mentioned on your settings too.

Before that to get custom robot.txt and header tags, go to Blogger Dashboard > Settings > Search Preferences > Crawlers and indexing.

Editing Custom robots.txt 

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google
User-agent: *
Disallow: /search/
Disallow: /search?
Disallow: /search?q=*
Disallow: /*?updated-max=*
Disallow: /p/about.html
Disallow: /p/privacy.html
Allow: /

Just replace with your website URL.

Editing Customs Robot Header Tags

Check mark all the same as done in the image above which will be very beneficial for your blog SEO.

Meta tags also plays a important role on ranking your blog. As I already mentioned, add meta tags friendly with your blog and its content. Doing so will surely help you get good position on google page.

To Add Meta Tags, go to Blogger Dashboard > Settings > Search Preferences > Meta Tags.

Create a custom 404 error page so your users can find it easy to explore your webpage. It is not related with ranking but justas it comes on customizing blogger dashboard I wanna let you know about this too. Here I'll provide a stylish and pro looking 404 custom error page and perhaps it will help to build your interaction with your users.

Go to Blogger Dashboard > Settings > Search Preferences > Errors and Redirections > Custom Page Not Found and there paste below html code.

Note : If you need professional Error 404 Page for your blogger blog, kindly check this article on How to Setup Custom 404 Error Page.

<div class='error-custom'>
<h2>404 Not Found</h2>
<p class='error-body'>We&#39;re sorry but we could not find the page you are looking for.<br/>
This may happen if you have entered site url incorrectly or this page doesn&#39;t exist anymore.</p>
<p>You can try searching page again or go back to home</p>
<form action='/search' id='searchform' method='get'>
<input id='s' name='q' onblur='if (this.value == &quot;&quot;) {this.value = &quot;Search...&quot;;}' onfocus='if (this.value == &quot;Search...&quot;) {this.value = &quot;&quot;;}' type='text' value='Search...'/>
<input id='searchsubmit' type='submit' value='Go'/>

5- Submitting Blog and Its Content To Google

This is another way you can use to force google to index on your new blog and its post. I've also submitted my blog homepage and the post I've written on Google and yeah it helped me a lot to get good rank i.e on google first page rank. Well follow below steps to submit your blog and its post on google so that you can get better rankings of your blog on Google.

  • Visit This Site.     
  • Click on Participate Option Of Website Owner.     
  • After that Go to Add your URL under Web option.     
  • Just submit the blog link and its content one by one and write captcha.     
  • Finally Press on Submit Request button and its done.

Now your blog article will be indexed on google automatically. To see proof just copy your blog or its content url you submitted and search that on google. You'll be able to see the blog and its content you submitted on google page.

6- Shout About Your Blog and Ask For Comments

Why not? You should use social media platforms to announce the establishment of your new blog and what content you've written. I mainly use Google plus to promote it and of course Facebook and Twitter too. I submitted my web page URLS to my blogger friends of same niche and asked them to have a look and tell them to comment if they like my post. So this is a great idea to get some comments which can surely inspire me.

Getting Comments on your blog post also helps to rank on first page of google. Yeah you've heard it right. The content and blog post with high number of comments is shown first as it is supposed to be relevant content. But don't try to comment yourself with different names and address as google is not as stupid you think it is. Try to be friendly with your users and always feel happy and proud to announce your blog post to your friends and Social Networks.


Well I've mentioned some of my steps I've used to 6 must do SEO guides to rank my blog post on first page of google and I hope you enjoyed a lot. If you've got any other new idea regarding ranking blog post on first page of google then kindly mail us using contact us tab and we'll add above with proper credits.

Respect our work and help us to be encouraged by leaving comment and sharing this article on social media. Let's interact and make a new connection to rank this article on first page of google. :)

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8 Perfect Ways to Increase Blog Subscribers Fast In Less Time
Gaining subscribers are as important as winning visitors. A large number of Internet users prefer to be subscribed of their choice blog instead of occasionally visiting if there are quality and fresh contents available. Every Blogger wants to have more feed subscribers so if you are looking to grow your email subscription list here are some recommendations about how to increase blog subscribers in less time.

How to Increase Blog Subscribers in Less Time

1.Write Original Content

This is an important factor to increase blog feed subscribers. Now a days, millions of websites offer different information but a large percentage of sites are of duplicate content. They only copy content from different websites and blogs and publish on their website. So why would anyone subscribe to your blog? If your content is duplicated. They will do so only if your information is new, useful and original in your own style.

2. Put a Visible Link to your Feed

If you have original content, then it is important to put a visible feed link in your blog. This is one of the most effective way to get readers. Placing the link on the top of your blog subscription link is quite visible and easy to recognize. You will see that soon it will increase the number of subscribers

To put the feed subscription link with an image only paste the below code in an HTML / Javascript.

<a href=""> <img src = "URL icon" border = "0" /> </a>

3. Offer Different Ways to Subscribe

This is another important technique to increase your blog subscribers. Not all readers use the same way to read feeds so you can offer several methods to subscribe as Feedburner email subscription, iGoogle subscription or some other you know.

4. Offer the Subscription by Category

The subscription by category is perfect for blogs that include many different topics. A reader may not want to subscribe to your blog if you have a topic that doesn’t matter to him but if you have subscribed categories then you have more chance that readers will subscribe at least one category which they are interested in.

5. Add a Button Below Every Post

Similarly, You can put a link to subscribe in the best visible part of the blog. You can also put one a little more discreet below every post. If a user enjoys a post of your blog and find a subscription button or box right below your blog post then he may want to read more and they will subscribe to your blog.

6. Be careful with the Number of Subscribers you Show

FeedBurner or some other gadget that may displays the number of subscribers who have subscribed to your blog will also matter and is a double-edged weapon. Do not put it if your number of subscribers is low because it will give the impression that no one wants to subscribe to your blog and will be little encouraged to the others. But if you have a large number, then you can proudly display on your blog that will give them a good impression and readers will have confidence when they subscribe to your blog.

7. Explains what is RSS feed?

Many readers do not subscribe because they simply don’t know what is feed? And how it works Write a post or a page and explain the advantages of feed subscription. This is an additional good way to promote your blog’s feed

8. Be Consistent with your Posts

When someone subscribes to a blog it means they want more from your blog. Your readers expect from your blog to read new posts from your blog. If they don’t receive any new posts then the readers usually unsubscribe from your feeds. Therefore try to be consistent and update your blog frequently. This way the more posts you publish the more website traffic you will receive and you will see your subscriptions grow.


These were some simple steps and the Top 8 Ways to Increase Subscribers Fast. Now you need to focus on your blog content and create new and unique content which your readers should like and as you publish new and amazing stuff the subscription box will increase with new subscribers.

Friday, 23 February 2018

10 Essential Tips To Know Before Buying A Domain Name
The Search for finding a good domain name starts when we are ready to get our business online and that's the need of every business today as INTERNET is the heart of every business by now. A Business is no more successful for those who are not having their business online as the majority of people now prefer buying online while sitting in their room. People are running out of time and everyone is in the great hurry to get the multiple things done in short time so they prefer buying and booking orders online as it saves a lot of time. But there is much more you need to know before setting your business online which starts from Buying A Good Domain Name which will differentiate your business from others' and make you stand out. Let's see how.

10 Essential Tips To Know Before Buying A Domain Name

Things To Know Before You Buy A Domain Name

1- Checking Availability

The Crucial step is Before you start working hard on building a business with the unique name, check online the availability of Domain name for your business name. It may happen that it is already taken by anyone else around the globe so ultimately you will end up losing your best choice of a domain name for your business. You may also check for expired domains which are recently expired and not registered yet.

2- Domain Name Extensions

Main Top Level Domain Names are With Extensions .Com, .Net, .Org, .Info and .Net where .Com remains mostly used extension which is for Commercial Purpose. It is strongly recommended that you use a ".Com" domain name extension for your business as it fits the best and gets rankings in search engines all over the world. But in case your Business is Local, then do read 4th Point.

3- As Short As Fits Best

Keep your Domain Name as short as possible. The shorter it is the better it will be. Keep a good combination of your name and your business name or Your Goals And Business name. Try Different variations and pick the one which satisfies you. Keep its length up to less than 15 characters.

4- Location or Targeted Area

If Your Business is Local then consider buying a Top Level Country Domain Name ie. for Australia or for England. Then your website/blog will get higher rankings in that particular country where is your targeted audience.

5- Easy To Type And Remember

Now just think of some big players around the web like as Facebook, Wikipedia, and Amazon. Did you get it? These names are simple, short and eye catchy which are easy to type and remember.

6- Use Keywords

It is very important from the point of view of SEO for your domain name. Try to have a main keyword for your business included in your domain name by which people will use to search online.

7- Avoiding Hyphens or Numbers

If possible, avoid using hyphens or numbers in your domain name. It works best if there is no hyphen or number in a domain name. But if you got no choice, you can use a hyphen which is far better than not having it at all. Be creative and I bet you would come up with better options available.

8- Protecting Your Brand

Now if you Have Registered your domain name with a .com or any other extension, now its time to protect your Brand name from your competitors. Because by the time when your business will get popular, competitors will get their hands to steal your audience by registering the same domain name with the other extensions available. So this time, be ready to buy all other major TLDNs and make a redirect to your main domain name. Be safe.

9- Checking For Registered Trademarks

Before Registering your domain name for the business, do check if someone already have registered trademarks on that or not. If you are unable to get my point then you must Google "Microsoft vs. MikeRoweSoft" case. Do not infringe the copyrights of other people and stay away from serious trouble.

10- Expanding Capability

Do not purchase a domain name which makes your business be limited. In future, your business may expand and include a wide range of products. Do not make your blog/website a single product/niche based ie. is limited To Baby Girl Shoes so what if you start selling other baby girl products in future?


Above I tried my best to explain the Things To consider Before Purchasing A Domain Name. These tips are the base for buying a good domain name and I hope you got something new from this post. I might have left some other important points so feel free to ask in comments and we will try to include them in our list. Thank you. Stay Safe!