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Free Stock Photos: Top 10 Sites To Get Free Images For Your Website
Getting Free photos for website is not so difficult these days there are a lot of websites that provide free stock photos to use for your website. Images and photos are one of the most important part of your website. Images are used to attract your website visitors. The text in your site is also a very important part of your posts as the search engines reads it and thus headings, keywords, links and originality are also so important.
the top 10 websites that provides free stock photos and free images

Website needs attraction and it can be done by Images and photos as it plays a major role to bring visitor on your website. Images make yours posts beautiful, colorful and attractive. If you search any article or any post on the internet you will see that mostly all of them would be having beautiful and related images to their posts on their websites. It also plays a vital role to increase your website visitors.
You must have seen Google Images search engine where mostly people search for images. Your images may appear there and you can also Generate website traffic from images.

There are three types of Images

Public Domain Images 

These Images are free to use and you can use them as you want. You can get public domain images free from a lot of resources online. Photos that are downloaded by you from a government website or public site are known as Public Domain Images.

Right Protected Images

These are the images which are brought for a certain time of period for a certain project. The Images negotiated before hand with the photographer. These Images are right protected and you can’t use them until you ask for permission from the owner of that Image. So I suggest you to stay away from Right protected images if you don’t have permission to share it on your website.

Royalty Free Images

Royalty Free Images are also bought or purchased. But once you have purchased it, then you can do what ever you want with it. Other sites can also buy the same image.

There are several websites from where you can get free images and stock photos, and some of the most popular sites which are used for sharing free images are listed below.

Flickr for free images and free photos

Flickr is the most popular website for  free photos which lets you to share, sort, search your Images. There are a lot of photos available at Flickr and you can use any one of them as all of them are free to use and you can do what ever you want to do with it. But you should also read the terms because they have some terms and conditions for the Photos you download from there.

free photos bank provides you free stock images

FreePhotosBank is another free stock Photos website from where you can get unlimited free pictures for your website. This is a great site for free Images and you can also see the popular and most rated photos on its homepage.

FreeMediaGoo provides you with free images for website

FreeMediaGoo is also one of the best site which provides you with unique royalty free Images. FreeMediaGoo also provides you Textures and digital backgrounds for free. You can use these free photos for commercial and private use.

FreeImages is a website for free photos for website

Freeimages is also a great source to get free Photos and they provide you with high quality pictures. They have more then 350,000 images present in there website. All the latest uploaded high quality free images are present on the homepage and you can also search for what kind of photo you want and its all for free.

pic search is an image search engine for free stock photos

PicSearch is an Image search engine which automatically search for different images around the web and index it. You can find several Images from here for your website. Picsearch have more than 3,000,000,000 free pictures present on the website.

bigfoto is used to get free pictures for website

BigFoto is also a popular free Image sharing website which provides you with free Images and they have many Images in there website and you can search for any category of Image in Bigfoto. You can use the images as you want for personal or commercial purpose. For more details you can see its copyright and use its free stock photo.

freedigitalphotos is for free photos and free stock images

You can download premium and free stock photos on FreeDigitalPhotos. They have a long list of different free Photos that you can use in commercial use or private rules as per their terms and conditions. Be sure that you are strictly not allowed to sell or claim these photos as your own. You can search for several Images on Free Digital Photos.

free resource for free website images online

Pixabay is a website containing more than 1.1 Million beautiful free images and is one of the best site that provide free stock photos online. I also sometimes use pixabay if i need any photo for my website and it works great for me.

free high resolution photos and images

Lifeofpix is a place to get free high resolution photography for your website. The best thing about Lifeofpix is that it provides high definition photos and images. There are different kind of images available and you can choose your favorite free images download.

Free stock photos from pexels

Pexels provides you free stock photo that you can use everywhere. Its free for commercial use and no need for attribution required. This may be your best choice to get free images for website and millions of users love to use Pexels free images.


So above where some top 10 websites for free stock photos and free stock images which you can use in your websites and attract visitors. There is a huge list of website like royalty free images and public domain images. If you know any other Free Image sharing site that we missed please comment below and we will surely include it in our list or if you have any question related to free stock photo please ask in the comments and i will love to answer you.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

How to Make Money Freelancing (Simple Steps for Beginner's)
So you really want freelance jobs that make money? Well first you should know that what Freelancing really means. Defining it is simple, Freelancer is a person who has jobs with some number of websites or companies which is without any long term contract. We all know that Freelancing is also one of the best business online and there are a lot of freelance earning methods and several of users around the world are earning thousand of dollars each month just with Freelancing.

how to earn money as a freelancer simple steps for beginners

How to Become a Freelancer

Well the first thing you should keep in mind is that if you work hard and properly focus on your task nothing will be difficult for you. If you really want to make it as a Freelancer and want freelancer make money fast then you still have to keep some patience and you have to focus on your work. You can’t be rich In a day or in a week while it take months. There are many types of Freelance jobs and you can be a Freelancer about anything you are good at and I have also given some examples about freelancing jobs.

  • Freelance Coding
  • Freelance Web design
  • Freelance Photography
  • Freelance Writing

Find the top Freelancing websites

how to Make Money Freelancing for beginners

First of all you need to find some best Freelance websites to sign up with. You can go with Upwork, Toptal, Elance or Freelancer. These are the top Freelancing websites that I recommend you to sign up with.

Complete your Profile

complete your profile

As soon as you create a freelance account, the first thing you have to do is complete your profile. Completing your profile is very important because it shows your personality, portfolio, resume and skills. if someone wants to hire you they will first check your profile. They will check what type of work can you do, where have you worked before and how much experience you have etc. So in order to get hired for jobs you really need to complete your profile as it is very important step of Freelancing.

Think What You Can Do

what kind of jobs can i get as freelancer

After completing your profile you have to think and select what jobs you can do. Select from the categories and remember to only select the category in which you really have experience and can work don’t pick any topic which will become difficult for you if you don’t know about it.

Give Test

how to give and pass tests on freelance websites

There are some websites which offers you to give a Test first before applying or bidding for any job. The Test’s may be like proof reading or English language etc that you should attempt and complete it before Bidding (Applying) on any job.

Check everything once more


After attempting all the above steps, now check is everything completed? Have you completed your profile which shows your resume and portfolio and have you passed in the given Test’s? If yes, that’s great. Now you are ready to Bid for a job.

Bidding for a Job

Bidding for a job

You can get a lot of jobs for freelancing. More skills you have the more jobs you get and it keeps going so you can find jobs easily and bid for it at any of the freelance websites you have joined. You can bid for a job offering your customer that you will complete their work in the given time and satisfy them as good as you can.

Finish the Job in the given time

finish the job in the given time

When you submit a bid you also mention time which means you have to complete the project in the given time otherwise you can’t get paid and your customer will not be satisfied. So think first and then mention the time in which you can easily finish the project.

Complete your payment options

complete payment methods and payment options

You also have to complete your Payment options. There are several methods to get paid by these Freelancing websites, you need to choose your Payment Method and update your payment details.

Get Paid

Get paid for your freelance work

As you finish your work successfully in the mentioned time you will get paid. The more jobs you successfully finish the more jobs will run after you and with the passage of time you can make great reputation online and then you can also create a website in which you can provide services and your portfolio.

Last Words

Well this was how to earn money as a Freelancer. You had a step by step guide on freelance earning methods. Well it isn’t that easy but not that difficult too. As I am mentioning again and again you need to work hard, keep patience and pay attention and invest most of the time in it. You will be a professional Freelancer one day. If you have any questions related to freelance jobs that make money you can comment and I will love to help you.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Making Money With Highest Paying Web Hosting Affiliate Programs
Are you thinking of Earning Money online through Web Hosting Affiliate Programs? If yes, then you have come to the right place. I will tell you how to make money online from Web Hosting Affiliate Program and I will also share an idea about promoting your affiliate links in a step by step process.

make money with the highest paying web hosting affiliate programs

Firstly you will have to find the Top Web Hosting Companies to sign up with their Affiliate Programs. Well don’t worry because I have listed highest paying web hosting affiliate programs. You can take a look on my list.

I will recommend you to sign up with all of them as an Affiliate. After you have signed up you can start making money with Web Hosting Affiliates. Now a question will arise in your mind about promoting your affiliate links. Nothing is difficult if you understand the process and work hard for it and I am sure you will achieve what you want.

How To Promote My Affiliate Links and Get Sales

Now the most asked question arrives, How and where to promote your affiliate links and products to get more sales and earn more money. Well it’s not that difficult, you have to work hard and understand what you have to do. Below I have listed Top ways to promote Web Hosting Affiliate Links to increase your sales and make money.

1- Promote Through Your Website

promote your web hosting affiliate program link

If you have a good website and website traffic then you can promote your hosting affiliate links on your site. You can create a post on your affiliated web hosting or you can write about the best web hosting companies. So this is how you can generate some sales from your affiliate web host.

2- Online Forums

promote affiliate links on forums
If you are an active user on any top forum then that will be a great chance to promote your affiliate products through forums.

You can find related threads about your product for example website hosting and promote it there. Just provide them some great features and details of your Web Hosting Company and give them your Affiliate Link. This is one of the best way to promote it and make some extra money with your web hosting affiliate program.

3- Email Customers/Friends/Family

promote your affiliate links through email marketing

If you use email marketing and are having good amount of readers then this method will surely work for you for earning money from hosting affiliate programs. You should Promote Web Hosting through email.

You must be sending Emails daily or weekly. So I will recommend you to set everything up and email about your Web Hosting Company regularly to your email list. Email marketing is one of the best way to generate income online.

4- Advertising

advertise affiliate products and get sales

Advertising online is also a great way to generate some sales from affiliated programs of web hosts. You can advertise your web host company on some popular sources like Facebook.

Advertisements can really help you grow your sales because your ads are listed as featured and everyone can see it. So the chance for boosting your affiliate sales gets higher.

5- Social Media

how to promote affiliate program links on social media

Social Media networks are used by all of us like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. If you have a strong grip on social networks then you can take great benefit from it .

You can promote your Affiliated Hosting links in Social Media groups, pages etc to earn money from affiliate programs and remember, try to promote your link in a post which is related to your product.


So these were some best ways to make money with web hosting affiliate programs and how to promote your Web Host Affiliate Links and increase your sales to make more money from web hosting affiliate program residual income. I hope you may have learnt something from here. If you have any confusions or questions please feel free to ask in comments and also share my content online.

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Using Reddit To Generate Massive Traffic To Your Website
Reddit is a Social Bookmarking website which helps to generate traffic to your website or blog. It’s not only just some visitors but you can say massive amount of traffic. Well you might not know about this thing but today I will share with you a secret about Reddit.

Now you can Generate massive traffic from Reddit and can generate millions of views for your website per day, Yes its possible that you can generate a lot of traffic for your blog through Reddit.

There are currently millions of users using Reddit to generate massive amount of traffic per day to their blogs. Well so In this article I will guide you step by step about the procedure for getting high amount of traffic through Reddit. And the best thing about this website is that it’s absolutely free of cost.

Use reddit to generate traffic

Generate Website Traffic from Reddit

Apart from Facebook and Twitter, Reddit is the most popular used site for generating visitors to your website or Blog.

There is also another Social bookmarking website known as StumbleUpon through which you can also generate a lot of traffic. I will prepare a post for StumbleUpon also. Well these are some best Social Bookmarking sites but I will still go with Reddit as it is the best of all in my point of view.

How It Works?

Reddit lets you submit your links or you can submit a Text post which is similar to an article. Reddit is a community or you can say Sub Reddits.

As you submit your new links at Reddit other members of Reddit community up vote and get engaged in comments.

So this is how the best posts that have high up votes and comments are selected to be shown on the front page of  Reddit and this is how you can Generate massive traffic from Reddit to your website.

How To Create A Reddit Account

If you are a new user you should first Sign Up for a Reddit account.

When you have finished the sign up process you will have to confirm your email.

Once your new Reddit account is active and running you can start submitting links and you can also give votes and comments to other members of Reddit community.

create reddit account

Each entry is known as a Sub Reddit. The homepage shows the best selected posts from Reddit users.

They look for best and unique posts having high up votes, comments, karma etc and they choose it as a featured content and they put it on the front page of Reddit.

If your post has been selected for featured post your post will be added to the front page of Reddit and you can get a lot of hits and massive amount of traffic to your blog.

Something Important To Care About On Reddit

Remember don’t spam or get a ban. Reddit is very strict about their rules and regulations that have to be followed by their users otherwise your account on Reddit can be banned or removed.

You need to keep your self calm and just follow the rules and regulations.

Reddit don’t allows you to only submit your own links in your account. It is against the rules and your account will be straight away banned without any warnings.

You have to submit and share interesting links which should be also from other websites or blogs.

Just post randomly, First of all build your trust in the Reddit community and then i have a secret for you if you follow the steps given.

First submit one link from your blog and then submit 10 links from 10 different blogs and give at least 5 to 15 minutes after every submission and repeat these steps every day.

But i am warning you again, it will be better to read the rules and regulations of Reddit on their own website first because they may change their rules any time they want so you should also look after that to be safe.

It is really important to understand that don’t ever spam on Reddit as they are really strict to their rules. I also got banned once because I was spamming links and only posting my links when I was new to Reddit so be careful if you got banned it will be really hard for you to get your account back or they may remove you account.

You need to follow step by step to understand so you can generate high traffic from Reddit fast.

 How To Submit Links On Reddit

You can submit a link right away after you have signed up but I will recommend not to submit any link before building some trust in the community of Reddit.

You can submit your link by going to your Sub Reddit and click on submit a new link.

submit link to reddit

Sub Reddit is the category in which you can post your links on reddit. There are huge amount of sub reddits available almost more than 22,1976. You have to make sure that you should post your link in the perfect category (Sub Reddit) or it will not work for you so be careful in every step.

Make Timing Posts

create timing post for reddit

The best time to post your link on Reddit is when most of the users are online and the best time to post on Reddit is before 5PM EST because this is the time when mostly users are online using Reddit.

Making a timing post will help you generate more traffic from Reddit.

How to Get on the Front Page of Reddit

Now you need to know something about bringing your content to the front page. Well its not very easy but by understanding the steps given and doing hard work on it will work for you.

The first thing you have to do is keep your Title new, interesting and catchy that will bring more hits on your post and your link must have quality content.

front page of reddit

As if anyone clicks on your link they will go to a new page where they can up vote or down vote your post and they can also comment on your submitted posts they can build karma for you by voting.

The up votes and comments will bring your link to the front page.

If your post had high amount of up votes and comments then Reddit will bring your post to their front page and your post may become featured and then you can get massive hits to your link and huge traffic will be generated for your website.

Connecting With Friends On Reddit

Friends can also contribute to generate traffic for your blog as they may share, vote and comment your posts.

To add someone on Reddit visit his/her user profile and you will see an option on the top of their profile “+friends” by clicking this option that user will be added to your friend list and then you can ask him to visit your post and up vote your post.

Ask them to give positive comments on your posts which will give your post a good rank.

What is Karma in Reddit?

The points or score of the user on Reddit is known as Karma. Karma is very important for Reddit users as it helps a lot for driving traffic to your website.

When you get good comments and up votes your karma start growing. Make your karma reach at least 150 to get massive amount of traffic from Reddit.


As at the end of this post I want to say some last words to you, Keep working hard and don’t give up. Its not easy to generate massive traffic from Reddit but if you work hard and give at least an hour or more to Reddit every day you will see by yourself when you get high traffic to your website every day.

As I told you above, post 1 link of your own and 10 links of others then 1 link of yours and 10 links of others and post each link after 5 to 15 minutes each. As your Karma reaches 150 you will see the result by your own and I hope you will drive high traffic through Reddit.

Well this post came to an end, hope you may have learnt something from it. If  you have any questions about Reddit, Sub Reddit, Karma etc then please feel free to ask me down in the comments and don’t forget to share this posts on social networks and with your friends.

Saturday, 23 September 2017

7 Effective Ways To Make Money With Blogging In 2018
When you come to the internet world to earn money everyone thinks of making money with blog most of the people just work with ad networks and run their site and they don't know that they can make money with blogging by many others ways.

Many of my friends just asked me this question so i have also shared with you that yes you can really earn income from blogging, it’s not just advertising networks but there are thousands of more and more ways that can generate a lot of revenue and you can earn a good amount of money.

I will give you an example of Darren Rose he is a Professional Blogger and he earns 6 figures earning a month. Now you should think that why you can’t do that. The only thing you need for this process is a Blog or a Website.

How To Make Money From a Blog

Now i have listed my top 7 ways of Make Money with blogging so read it and you may learn a lot because all you need is hard work.

1- Advertising Networks


Ad Networks are the most common way of earning with a blog because every blogger or website owner use it and you see it on every website.

Advertising networks are the start for earning revenue with blogging and whenever someone creates a new blog or website and they think of earning money with it, The first think in their mind is Ad Networks. They want to sign up with a good Ad network that pays higher revenue. For example Google Adsense, Infolinks and Chitika.

2- Affiliate Marketing


You can earn money with blogging by promoting affiliate products, In affiliate marketing you choose a product and promote it on your blog then any of your visitor may get interested buying that product and if they buy the product through your website and through your Affiliate link you get commission for that and you get paid.

Some of the popular Affiliate Marketing Websites are Clickbank, Amazon Associates and Ebay Partners Program.

3- Selling Products


Selling products is also a great way of Earning Money with Blogging. You can sell virtual products and physical products.

Virtual products are like selling Ebooks, Software/Apps and providing some courses etc. Physical Products are like selling DVD'S and Books on your Blog. These were some examples of selling products on your website.

4- Provide Services


Make money with Freelancing, Coaching, Trainings, Designs and Events. These are the kind of services you can provide on your website but you have to be professional.

If you are giving services related to Freelancing or Trainings about anything so first you should have some knowledge about what you are teaching someone.

These will also work for you if you work hard. Most of the professional bloggers do like that and they are earning a lot of revenue with Blogging. So this may also be a great way to earn with a blog or website.

5- Selling Advertisements


Selling Advertisements is also a great way. In this way you directly get contact with the advertiser and set the price of advertisements manually whenever you want. And you have a lot of profit by this method you should be sure you have a good amount of traffic so people will love to advertise on your blog.

This method is one of my favorite and if you do this you can Earn a handsome income with Blogging.

6-Pay Per Post


In this way you have to sign up with a website or company which pays you per post, when you sign up with it they will give you a topic or product on which you will have to write on your blog and when you complete your post and submit to them they will review your post and when it is approved you get paid that's also a great way for making money with blogging free.

7-Giving Access to Premium Content


This is also one of the best method, you can create some premium content which should be only available for your premium users and if any new user wants to be your premium user you get set a price for giving premium content to your visitors but be sure the premium content is actually premium.

I mean it should be something like professional and users will love to buy. If you are giving premium content which is already on the internet and others can access it for free than there is no use of your premium content.

So try to make something unique and professional so that users can buy your premium content.

Extra Guide: Ask For Donation


You can make a little income by placing a Donation box and ask people to donate for your blog, That is also a way you might had seen on many other blogs so you can try it by adding Paypal, Payza or any other donation box.

But the thing is that you should provide free and unique content to your visitors and if you really work hard for your Blog people will see you are providing great information and they will Donate for your Blog.

Last Words, You'r Done

So as I have listed some best methods to make money online with blogging now you can start trying the methods given above. All you need hard work and research more and more. The more you research and work on it the faster you will achieve your goal.

Well if you have any special method in your mind please share it with me and I will add it to my posts or if you have any questions regarding Making Money with Blogging so you can ask me In the comments below and I will love to answer you.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

How To Create and Submit Sitemap for Blogspot Blog
In today's tutorial i will show you how to Create and Submit Sitemap for Blogger or Blogspot blog. Creating a sitemap for Blogger is not that difficult you just need to follow the below guide and go step by step with my given method and you can learn to create a sitemap for blogger and you will also learn to submit sitemap for blogger or blogspot.

What is a Sitemap?

A sitemap is a total list of your post which is organized like a table. It is the directory of existing posts in your blog or website. A sitemap is used to help search engines like Google and Bing to crawl and index your website. A sitemap is very important for your website because whenever you create a fresh post it will crawl and index your site. Many Blogger users have trouble making a sitemap so that’s the reason I created this post so I may help you out about How to create and submit a Blogger Sitemap.

A sitemap will also benefits and help you in your Blogger SEO.

There is also a Blogger Default XML Sitemap but the reason we will not select that option is because the Default Blogger XML Sitemap only shows the recent blog posts. It only shows 26 of your posts in the sitemap. So that was the reason we will not go along with this option. We will try the new and best method so your Blogger Sitemap will work great and you can easily create a blogger sitemap.

How to Create A Sitemap

Now let us come to the main point which is Blogger Sitemap. Simply add the below code into your Google Webmasters sitemap URL.

NOTE : Change the URL with your blog URL

Default Blogger URL Sitemap

Custom Blogger URL Sitemap

If the sitemap file is single then it should not exceed then 50MB and that is the reason we have limited it to 500 max results.

Have More Than 500 Posts? Do This:

If you have more than 500 posts in your Blogspot blog you can use the below code as it will index the rest of the posts which are above 500.


Add Blogger Sitemap To Roborts.txt

User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /

This is a code for roborts.txt which can be found in Blogger blog settings. Goto Blogger > Dashboard of your site > Setting > Search Preferences and click the button which says edit on the roborts.txt. This is very important and good for your site because this code allows search engine to index your website into it and it will appearing good search result. So this is how you can submit sitemap to blogger blog.

Submit a Blogger Sitemap to Google Webmaster

So now as you have created a sitemap for your blogger blog. Now go to Google Webmasters and Add your website or blog maybe your blogger blog is automatically added to the Google Webmasters but I will recommend you to do it manually.

  • The next step you have to take is click on your website.
  • Now you will see a menu on the left side of your screen.
  • Click on “Crawl” and then it will scroll another menu right below it.
  • Now in that menu you will see Sitemap, Click it.
  • Then you will see another screen see on the top right of your screen you will see a button named “Add/Test Sitemap” click on it.
  • Now right before your URL paste the below code
  • Now you have to click submit sitemap.
  • Sitemap will be created successfully!

Note Important:

If you have more than 500 posts on your blogger blog then let me show you how are you going to put them in your Robot.txt.

You don’t have to replace the more than 500 posts code on the previous code, you only have to paste the more than 500 posts code below the previous one as shown below.

User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /


So I hope you have come to know now that how you can create a sitemap for blogger blog and how to submit a sitemap to blogger or blogspot. It is very easy just change with your domain name, and that’s it your done. Well if you have further questions about this post you can ask as below in the comments and spread the article on social network if you got helped from it. J

Monday, 18 September 2017

10 Best Cheap Web Hosting Companies 2018 (Compared + Reviewed)
Are you Searching for The Best Web Hosting Company to use in 2018, If yes than you came to the right place. Well actually according to the meaning of Google, Web Hosting is the activity or business of providing storage space and access for websites. Web hosting is very important for your website or Blog. There are many Web Hosting companies around the internet and everyone have different payment plans. Each and everyone have its own terms and conditions as well as each and every website have its own features which they offer to their customers.

Usually now a days when I searched about Top Web Hosting companies 2017 I saw a huge amount of searches and there was a lot of rush on the sites about Web Hosting providers. Users are looking for cheap Web Hosting company with best service which give them full features and 100% up time guarantee.

Well these days finding the best Web Host for yourself has become difficult. I don’t know what features do you want in your Web Hosting but I will list some Cheap and best Web Hosting websites which I recommend you to use in 2018 as they are tested and mostly every company have money back guarantee. You can check out the list of best cheap Web Hosting sites below and choose the best Web Host for your self.

the best and cheap web hosting companies of 2018 compared and reviewed.

the best web hosting company of 2018

BlueHost Web Hosting is one of the best and well known web hosting website on the internet. It has a great reputation online and is recommended by a lot of users. Even one of my Friend is using Bluehost and its working great for him. They give you money back guarantee so any time if you don’t like the hosting of bluehost you can get your money back.
  • $3.95/month
  • FREE Domain
  • FREE Site Builders
  • 1-Click WordPress Install
  • 24/7 Expert Support
  • Over $150 in offers


the best web hosting company of 2018

Well Hostgator web hosting is almost known by every user online as there were a large number of advertisements of Hostgator on the internet in the past couple of years. It’s a big and famous web hosting company and they provide excellent service as they are online 24/7 to help you if you have any problem and the users of Hostgator are increasing day by day as they are working hard to provide the best for their customers. Hostgator also gives you money back guarantee.
  • $2.78/month
  • 24/7/365
  • 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • 99.9% Uptime fact with our uptime guarantee!
  • More then $100 in offers


the best web hosting company of 2018

Siteground was launched in 2004 as by their great services to customers they have ranked in the Top Best Web hosting Sites. The best thing about Siteground is that their support team is real quick and friendly they help you with every issue you get and its 99.9% uptime guarantee. So choosing Siteground Web Hosting is also a great choice.
  • $3.95/month
  • SSD drives for all plans
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • Best Customer Support
  • Over $100 in offers


the best web hosting companies of 2018

Ipage web hosting is coming up in the Top 10 Web Hosting sites 2018 as they have improved a lot in their services and they are now becoming a famous web hosting website. They have a great reputation online and they provide excellent services to their clients. They give you a money back guarantee and keep your web hosting the best.
  • $1.99/month
  • Free drag and drop website builder
  • 1,000s of free templates
  • Free domain registration*
  • Free email address
  • Free marketing tools 30-day money back guarantee


the best web hosting company of 2018

Justhost is a company of Blue Host. Both of the sites are run by same owner and they are providing good services as you can search for the review of these sites on Google. People are giving good response on behalf of Just Host as it is giving same and excellent services and they are working very hard to give you their best to you. They are also providing you with a money back guarantee. So that’s the reason just host is also counted in the Best and Cheap Web Hosting 2018.
  • $3.95/month
  • FREE Domain
  • FREE Site Builders
  • 24/7 Support
  • 1-Click WordPress Install


the best web hosting company of 2018 to get your best web hosting plan

Mochahost Web hosting is also one of the Best Web Hosting to use in 2018 because they are providing their services from the last 15 years and they are doing great. Mochahost also offers a lot of features when you visit Mochahost and read more about it.

  • $1.95/month
  • LifeTime Discount Guarantee!
  • 100% UPTIME!
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • LifeTime FREE Domain Name!
  • Free SSL Certificate


the best web hosting company of 2018

1and1 Web Hosting was founded in 1988 They are providing web hosting service from several of years and till now they have created a great reputation for their company as the users are satisfied with them they look forward to improve more in their services and they also give you a money back guarantee so you become satisfied to get their best services of web hosting.
  • starting at $0.99/month
  • Next Level Hosting
  • Anytime scalability
  • Now with HTTP/2 and PHP 7.1
  • SSL certificate, DDoS protection and geo-redundancy included


the top and best web hosting company of 2018

Host1Plus Web Hosting is online from several years and it’s a great web hosting company who are working online with an excellent reputation because they are providing best features and great services for their clients and they also give you a money back guarantee. They have a great reputation online and people have positive reviews on Host1Plus Web Hosting. So it is also listed in the Best Web Hosting Companies 2018.
  • Money-back Guarantee
  • Extreme Scalability
  • Full Support


the best web hosting company of 2018

Sitebuilder Web Hosting is good an provides you with a great site builder which can automatically build your site you just need to pick your domain name, choose a template and launch your website. So it can also be listed in the Best Web Hosting 2018.
  • $4.99/month
  • Website Builder
  • Domain Name
  • 1000’s of Templates
  • Email Address
  • SEO Tools
  • And much more..


the best web hosting companies 2018

Well GoDaddy is a well known website for domain registrars and we all know that they also provide web hosting. GoDaddy Web Hosting are giving great features and best services, you may also choose Go Daddy web hosting as they are very well known and have a very good online reputation. They also provide you with a money back guarantee.
Note: The Payment plans of all the web hosting companies mentioned above were created when this post was published and if changed in future, we will update it.


So as you have seen the list of the Top 10 Best Web Hosting Compared and Reviewed for 2018. Now you have to decide which one is better for you to go with. Well don’t go on price of the web hosting but go with their performance and features so that you can choose the best web host for your self.

All the above Web Hosting Companies have different features, prices, advertisement credits and much more. So I hope you liked my post about the best cheap Web hosting Companies to use in 2018. Well good luck for you to choose the best one. If you have any Questions please ask in comments and also share the post on different social networks.