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10 Best Cheap Web Hosting Companies 2018 (Compared + Reviewed)

Are you Searching for The Best Web Hosting Company to use in 2018, If yes than you came to the right place. Well actually according to the meaning of Google, Web Hosting is the activity or business of providing storage space and access for websites. Web hosting is very important for your website or Blog. There are many Web Hosting companies around the internet and everyone have different payment plans. Each and everyone have its own terms and conditions as well as each and every website have its own features which they offer to their customers.

Usually now a days when I searched about Top Web Hosting companies 2017 I saw a huge amount of searches and there was a lot of rush on the sites about Web Hosting providers. Users are looking for cheap Web Hosting company with best service which give them full features and 100% up time guarantee.

Well these days finding the best Web Host for yourself has become difficult. I don’t know what features do you want in your Web Hosting but I will list some Cheap and best Web Hosting websites which I recommend you to use in 2018 as they are tested and mostly every company have money back guarantee. You can check out the list of best cheap Web Hosting sites below and choose the best Web Host for your self.

the best and cheap web hosting companies of 2018 compared and reviewed.

the best web hosting company of 2018

BlueHost Web Hosting is one of the best and well known web hosting website on the internet. It has a great reputation online and is recommended by a lot of users. Even one of my Friend is using Bluehost and its working great for him. They give you money back guarantee so any time if you don’t like the hosting of bluehost you can get your money back.
  • $3.95/month
  • FREE Domain
  • FREE Site Builders
  • 1-Click WordPress Install
  • 24/7 Expert Support
  • Over $150 in offers


the best web hosting company of 2018

Well Hostgator web hosting is almost known by every user online as there were a large number of advertisements of Hostgator on the internet in the past couple of years. It’s a big and famous web hosting company and they provide excellent service as they are online 24/7 to help you if you have any problem and the users of Hostgator are increasing day by day as they are working hard to provide the best for their customers. Hostgator also gives you money back guarantee.
  • $2.78/month
  • 24/7/365
  • 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • 99.9% Uptime fact with our uptime guarantee!
  • More then $100 in offers


the best web hosting company of 2018

Siteground was launched in 2004 as by their great services to customers they have ranked in the Top Best Web hosting Sites. The best thing about Siteground is that their support team is real quick and friendly they help you with every issue you get and its 99.9% uptime guarantee. So choosing Siteground Web Hosting is also a great choice.
  • $3.95/month
  • SSD drives for all plans
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • Best Customer Support
  • Over $100 in offers


the best web hosting companies of 2018

Ipage web hosting is coming up in the Top 10 Web Hosting sites 2018 as they have improved a lot in their services and they are now becoming a famous web hosting website. They have a great reputation online and they provide excellent services to their clients. They give you a money back guarantee and keep your web hosting the best.
  • $1.99/month
  • Free drag and drop website builder
  • 1,000s of free templates
  • Free domain registration*
  • Free email address
  • Free marketing tools 30-day money back guarantee


the best web hosting company of 2018

Justhost is a company of Blue Host. Both of the sites are run by same owner and they are providing good services as you can search for the review of these sites on Google. People are giving good response on behalf of Just Host as it is giving same and excellent services and they are working very hard to give you their best to you. They are also providing you with a money back guarantee. So that’s the reason just host is also counted in the Best and Cheap Web Hosting 2018.
  • $3.95/month
  • FREE Domain
  • FREE Site Builders
  • 24/7 Support
  • 1-Click WordPress Install


the best web hosting company of 2018 to get your best web hosting plan

Mochahost Web hosting is also one of the Best Web Hosting to use in 2018 because they are providing their services from the last 15 years and they are doing great. Mochahost also offers a lot of features when you visit Mochahost and read more about it.

  • $1.95/month
  • LifeTime Discount Guarantee!
  • 100% UPTIME!
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • LifeTime FREE Domain Name!
  • Free SSL Certificate


the best web hosting company of 2018

1and1 Web Hosting was founded in 1988 They are providing web hosting service from several of years and till now they have created a great reputation for their company as the users are satisfied with them they look forward to improve more in their services and they also give you a money back guarantee so you become satisfied to get their best services of web hosting.
  • starting at $0.99/month
  • Next Level Hosting
  • Anytime scalability
  • Now with HTTP/2 and PHP 7.1
  • SSL certificate, DDoS protection and geo-redundancy included


the top and best web hosting company of 2018

Host1Plus Web Hosting is online from several years and it’s a great web hosting company who are working online with an excellent reputation because they are providing best features and great services for their clients and they also give you a money back guarantee. They have a great reputation online and people have positive reviews on Host1Plus Web Hosting. So it is also listed in the Best Web Hosting Companies 2018.
  • Money-back Guarantee
  • Extreme Scalability
  • Full Support


the best web hosting company of 2018

Sitebuilder Web Hosting is good an provides you with a great site builder which can automatically build your site you just need to pick your domain name, choose a template and launch your website. So it can also be listed in the Best Web Hosting 2018.
  • $4.99/month
  • Website Builder
  • Domain Name
  • 1000’s of Templates
  • Email Address
  • SEO Tools
  • And much more..


the best web hosting companies 2018

Well GoDaddy is a well known website for domain registrars and we all know that they also provide web hosting. GoDaddy Web Hosting are giving great features and best services, you may also choose Go Daddy web hosting as they are very well known and have a very good online reputation. They also provide you with a money back guarantee.
Note: The Payment plans of all the web hosting companies mentioned above were created when this post was published and if changed in future, we will update it.


So as you have seen the list of the Top 10 Best Web Hosting Compared and Reviewed for 2018. Now you have to decide which one is better for you to go with. Well don’t go on price of the web hosting but go with their performance and features so that you can choose the best web host for your self.

All the above Web Hosting Companies have different features, prices, advertisement credits and much more. So I hope you liked my post about the best cheap Web hosting Companies to use in 2018. Well good luck for you to choose the best one. If you have any Questions please ask in comments and also share the post on different social networks.
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