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How to Make Money Freelancing (Simple Steps for Beginner's)

So you really want freelance jobs that make money? Well first you should know that what Freelancing really means. Defining it is simple, Freelancer is a person who has jobs with some number of websites or companies which is without any long term contract. We all know that Freelancing is also one of the best business online and there are a lot of freelance earning methods and several of users around the world are earning thousand of dollars each month just with Freelancing.

how to earn money as a freelancer simple steps for beginners

How to Become a Freelancer

Well the first thing you should keep in mind is that if you work hard and properly focus on your task nothing will be difficult for you. If you really want to make it as a Freelancer and want freelancer make money fast then you still have to keep some patience and you have to focus on your work. You can’t be rich In a day or in a week while it take months. There are many types of Freelance jobs and you can be a Freelancer about anything you are good at and I have also given some examples about freelancing jobs.

  • Freelance Coding
  • Freelance Web design
  • Freelance Photography
  • Freelance Writing

Find the top Freelancing websites

how to Make Money Freelancing for beginners

First of all you need to find some best Freelance websites to sign up with. You can go with Upwork, Toptal, Elance or Freelancer. These are the top Freelancing websites that I recommend you to sign up with.

Complete your Profile

complete your profile

As soon as you create a freelance account, the first thing you have to do is complete your profile. Completing your profile is very important because it shows your personality, portfolio, resume and skills. if someone wants to hire you they will first check your profile. They will check what type of work can you do, where have you worked before and how much experience you have etc. So in order to get hired for jobs you really need to complete your profile as it is very important step of Freelancing.

Think What You Can Do

what kind of jobs can i get as freelancer

After completing your profile you have to think and select what jobs you can do. Select from the categories and remember to only select the category in which you really have experience and can work don’t pick any topic which will become difficult for you if you don’t know about it.

Give Test

how to give and pass tests on freelance websites

There are some websites which offers you to give a Test first before applying or bidding for any job. The Test’s may be like proof reading or English language etc that you should attempt and complete it before Bidding (Applying) on any job.

Check everything once more


After attempting all the above steps, now check is everything completed? Have you completed your profile which shows your resume and portfolio and have you passed in the given Test’s? If yes, that’s great. Now you are ready to Bid for a job.

Bidding for a Job

Bidding for a job

You can get a lot of jobs for freelancing. More skills you have the more jobs you get and it keeps going so you can find jobs easily and bid for it at any of the freelance websites you have joined. You can bid for a job offering your customer that you will complete their work in the given time and satisfy them as good as you can.

Finish the Job in the given time

finish the job in the given time

When you submit a bid you also mention time which means you have to complete the project in the given time otherwise you can’t get paid and your customer will not be satisfied. So think first and then mention the time in which you can easily finish the project.

Complete your payment options

complete payment methods and payment options

You also have to complete your Payment options. There are several methods to get paid by these Freelancing websites, you need to choose your Payment Method and update your payment details.

Get Paid

Get paid for your freelance work

As you finish your work successfully in the mentioned time you will get paid. The more jobs you successfully finish the more jobs will run after you and with the passage of time you can make great reputation online and then you can also create a website in which you can provide services and your portfolio.

Last Words

Well this was how to earn money as a Freelancer. You had a step by step guide on freelance earning methods. Well it isn’t that easy but not that difficult too. As I am mentioning again and again you need to work hard, keep patience and pay attention and invest most of the time in it. You will be a professional Freelancer one day. If you have any questions related to freelance jobs that make money you can comment and I will love to help you.
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