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How to Create and Verify Payza Account Free (with Video)

In this tutorial I will show you How to Verify Payza Account Free. Payza is an online free bank account where you can send and receive your payments worldwide easily. Payza Formaly known as Alertpay is available in more than 190 countries. It is not only used for payments but you can also exchange currencies and a lot more.

Today i have planned to show you How To Verify Payza Account and how many ways are possible to get verified Payza Account. As we all know Some countries like Pakistan is not accepted by Paypal so it’s a huge problem for many people regarding receiving payments online. So Payza is a Great Alternative we can say and Payza in Pakistan is easy to get. Well there are 3 ways from which you can easily verify Payza Account In Pakistan and other countries. Below in this tutorial I have explained How to Create and Verify Payza Account.
a step by step guide on how to create and verify payza account free.

How To Create A Payza Account

Firstly if you don't know much about How to Create a Payza Account then see the video tutorial given below and learn the proper method to Create and Verify Payza Account. This video is created by me but the website i am showing in the video was my old website. Well ignore that and concentrate on How to Verify Payza Account.

3 Simple Ways To Verify Payza Account

Now lets begin with the process of getting a verified payza account free. I have listed the top 3 ways to Verify payza account. Now you just need to follow the step by step guide and you will be able to get payza verified.

1# Verify Payza Account Via Credit Card

how to verify payza account with credit card

So this is the first method, Verify Payza Account with credit card like Visa Debit Card or MasterCard like Payoneer.

After you have logged into your Payza account go to Verification after that you will see an overview window opened. Now you have to click on Credit Card Validation. After that they will ask you to fill in the details of your Credit Card for example your first name, last name, card number, expiration date, CVS/CVV and your billing address then read and accept their Terms and condition and click on Submit to move onto the next step.

After you have submitted your Card information you will be almost ready to Verify Payza Account. Now you can click on Manage Card and the window opening with the Credit Card Summary will open then click on Validate Card and if you have some amount available in your Payza Account you can choose the option Validate by Charge.

You need a minimum of $2 in your Payza to Validate by Charge. Payza will deduct some amount within $2 and then after 2 to 3 business days check your account and answer them the exact amount they deducted from your account. As you answer the exact amount deducted your Payza account will be verified instantly. You can verify your Payza account with Payoneer if you have a Payoneer Card.

2# Verify Payza Account Via Bank Account

how to create and verify payza with bank account

You can Verify Payza Account with your Bank Account it’s a simple process all you need is a Bank Account with your own name in your country.

Log in to your Payza Account Dashboard and click on Verification an other page will open choose the bank wire option and then write an amount and submit it.

As your request will go to pending, After that go to your Bank and ask them to send Payza the amount you wrote in your Payza Account and when they receive it the amount you sent will be automatically deposited it in your Payza Account. It means that the money you will send to Payza for verification will be added to your own Payza Account Balance and you will get your money back.

After doing this process Payza will verify your account and then you can easily send and receive online Payments from Payza without any worries. This is how you can Verify Payza account with Bank Account.

3# Verify Payza Account Via Documents And Bills

how to create and verify payza account with documents and bills

In this third method you can Verify Payza Account with Documents and Bills. If you don’t have a Credit Card or a Bank Account, Payza have given a third option for its users to verify their account and that is by giving a scanned copy of your documents like National Identity Card, Passport or Driving License and you will also need your Utility bills or SUI Gas bills which should be having the same name and address you provided to Payza while creating your Payza Account.

They will check your identity and your address for their confirmation and if you are okay with this process and if they are satisfied that the information you provided is true. They will approve your verify request and your Payza Account will be verified for payments.


So as i have listed all the 3 ways to Verify Payza Account you can use any of the method to verify your Payza Account and after your account is fully verified you will be able to send and receive money worldwide easily and this was the full information about how to Create and Verify Payza Account free. If you are having any problem related this topic or you want to send your feedback you can comment below or you can contact us and we will love to help you.
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