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How to Get Quick Approval From Google Adsense With A New Blog

Google Adsense is a very popular and well known Advertising Network online which is a company of Google. Well every Blogger and Website owners want a Google Adsense Account. They want to show Google Ads on their website because Google Adsense is one of the Best Advertising Networks on the internet. Now below in this article I will give you some best tips for how to get Google Adsense Account Approved. 

This will take time so you need to have patience, No need to hurry and the most important thing I want to tell you is that don’t purchase Google Adsense account from any one because they get that account with fraud and that account is banned as soon as Google finds about it so please don’t waste your money and continue with this post to know how to get Google Adsense approval fast. Get your own legit Adsense Account approved just by performing Below simple steps and I guarantee you that Adsense will approve your website if you have quality content. You just have to work hard and do work with patience.

The best guide to get approved by google adsense quick and fast with some special tricks

Create Unique Content

google adsense loves unique content and they will love to approve your website if you have unique content

If you have started a Blog, Start posting unique content on it regularly. Unique means fresh content which is written by you and which should be understandable and user friendly.

Don’t ever copy content from other website because Google Adsense don’t accept Copyrighted content. So be careful and write good and unique content for Adsense approval.

Create More and More Relevant Content

the more relevant content you add to your blog the more chances will be increased for getting approved adsense account fast

Choose a niche and start posting unique content and don’t stop. Create as much content as you can because the traffic (visitors) comes to your website to read your content. If you don’t have content, no one will visit your site so you have to create a lot of content as much as you can. 

In starting I will recommend you to write 2 articles per day and post them into your blog. So if you write 2 articles per day then in 1 month you will have 60 articles published. That’s pretty cool isn’t it. So the chances for Google Adsense approval will increase.

Submit Your Website to Search Engines

the best way to get adsense approved quick is to first submit your website to search engines that it may show up some results for your website ranking.

Submitting your blog or website to the search engines is very important. But first you need to have some content in your site. After creating some posts it is important to submit you website to search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

They will index your website and when someone search for some thing that is relevant to your website they will see your website in Google search and that’s how you get visitors from search engines.

Get on with Google Analytics and Google Webmasters

adding your website to google analytics and google webmasters is a great benefit to your website as these tools will help you to see your website traffic statics and control your website.

Google Analytics and Google Webmasters is also by Google. Google Analytic is used to track your website visitors and you can see which country the visitors are coming from and you can also see which post of your site is getting much traffic etc.

Google webmasters is also an important thing for your website. You need to verify your website first to get your site on Google Webmasters. After verifying your site I will recommend you to create a sitemap for your website because sitemap is very important for your website and it is used for search engines to look out how many posts are their in your website and it may also be used by users.

Pages You Need To Create For Your Website

There are some important pages you need to create for your Website before applying for Google Adsense because without these pages your Adsense will never get approved because Google always check these pages before approving Adsense on your website. Below are the pages you need to create for your website in order get your Google Adsense approval.

Terms and Conditions (if your websites requires)
Disclaimer (If your website requires)

Optimize Your Website By Doing SEO

optimizing your site with search engine optimization will increase your chances of getting google adsense approval quick.

SEO means search engine optimization which mostly newbie bloggers don’t know. It is very important for your website because by doing SEO for your website you get high ranking in Search Engines. And when you get high ranking in Google search page you will generate massive traffic to your website and if you have high traffic Google Adsense will approve your website because you have more and quality traffic.

Well it isn’t that easy to optimize your website by performing Search Engine Optimization but SEO is very important and you should perform SEO for your Website.

Check If You Are Going Good

Now you will have to check your site, is it going good, is it receiving enough traffic is your content unique. Keep checking your website everyday so you may know how your website is going on.

Wait For At least 6 Months and During It Create Traffic For Your Site

Wait! It is not very important that you have to wait for 6 months. As noted Google Adsense do not accept very new websites because they don't meet their requirements but if you believe that you have created a quality and unique content website then you may get approved within weeks. I have heard people getting adsense approved in a week. It is possible and its all upon you.

As your website is started online and you are creating good content for it then you have to check everything everyday and you should be having good Website Traffic to get Google Adsense Approved. Go to related forums and spread your website. You can promote your website by many ways. So you have to make your website popular and create good and unique content for your visitors. So if they like your content they may come back to check for another one.

As i said before it is not important to wait at least 6 months, you can also apply after 1 month but the point is that you should have quality content and website traffic. In Google's eye If you are from Asia than you would have to wait for 6 months because Google Adsense don’t approve Asian websites which are not older than 6 months but it is not true, you can get Adsense Approved if you just have quality content and website traffic. Well keep working hard and as I said keep patience and in the end you will see the result.

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Once All The Above Steps Are Completed Apply For Google Adsense

If you have finished all the above steps now check your website for the last time. There may be something left which should be corrected, if not than its great and if there is any problem with your website then fix that first. And read the terms and conditions of Google Adsense.

Now you are ready to Apply for Google Adsense. After applying you have to wait for some days so Google team will review and check your site and if all the above steps and completed I guarantee you they will surely approve your website.


Well this was how you can get Google Adsense Account Approved fast with some of these special methods. You need to keep patience and work hard and if you have any kind of questions related to Adsense you can ask me in the comments below and don't forget to share this post.
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